You’re Banned!

There was chaos everywhere.

A couple of weeks ago, a Facebook group I’m in went absolutely loco!

The guy in charge of it decided it was time to start kicking people out.

Not because they were spamming, or being trolls, or being annoying.


The reason:

They weren’t contributing or providing any value at all. They were being “value-leeches”.

The whole thing was pretty amazing to watch.

And you can learn a lot from it too.

You see…

No one EVER kicks people out of Facebook groups!

Hell, half the groups I’m in have become a feasting ground for spammers to drop their corny links in.


When you do the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing you will get peoples attention.

And when you have that, making money becomes much simpler.

People will buy more of your stuff, you’ll be able to sell easier, and you don’t have to be super salesy.

Another thing I noticed…

If you didn’t align with this guys ideals and values you got the boot.

Whoever didn’t post something that was relevant to the group would get the ban hammer dropped on them quick.

Which reminds me of affiliate marketing.

A mistake lots of beginners do is they try to sell to everyone.

They think the more clicks they get, the more sales they’ll make.

That’s far from the truth!

To be totally honest…

Your goal shouldn’t be to get everyone to click on your affiliate link.

Your goal should be to only get the right people to click on your link and check out the offer.

Doing that and using the simple “one-page selling machine” I show you how to make here, will help you stand out and bring in HUGE affiliate commissions much faster.

It’s almost unfair how effective this works…

Comment below if you have questions!

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