Whacky Crazy Way to Make $10k a Month Online

You ever meet someone who looks like total asshole but they end up being super cool?

That’s my English professor.

He looks like he’s always mad and has a permanent frown tattooed to his face. But when you get to know him, he’s one of the coolest guys ever.

My professor’s always telling us crazy stories from his life to help us relate to the material better.

The other day he told us about his dad who was a traveling salesman and his secret to selling.

He turned to the class and started to imitate his dad…

“Look son, the secret to selling is this: You gotta tell em’ what you’re gonna tell em. Then you go ahead and tell em. And then you gotta tell em what you told em. That’s how you sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo.”

It makes sense…

To make money online you have to be able to persuade people to buy what you’re selling.

When it comes to IM, this is my favorite way to do it:

1. Find a niche filled with passionate people who have a burning question or concern

2. Send them to a squeeze page which will give them a free tip or method to help alleviate their pain

3. Sell them a low-cost offer so they can solve their problem even faster


This is exactly what you’ll find out how to do inside of Operation 10K.

The guys behind it are making a cool $10k a month in sales using that exact strategy.


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