Weird (But True) Advice from a 300lb Multi-Millionaire

How is that someone can get success online fast… while someone else can take years to make any real money?

Is it luck?

Is it divine destiny?

Do we blame the President?

The answer is a little more simple.

Time for some real talk:

I know… I know… Here’s Edwin again with his motivational woo-woo rants again.


The motivation won’t come from me today, but rather from a book I’ve been reading.

It’s called “The Keys” which outlines every success principle DJ Khaled used to become a multi-millionaire mogul.

Here’s a section from the book I wanted to share with you:

“I always say: They gonna try to close the door on you; just open it. If you can’t open it, break it down, rip the door off, and put them hinges in the haters’ hands.”

Let’s decode that.

There’s going to be people in your life that are going to try to take you off your path.

They’re going to tell you that making money online is only for scammers. They’re going to tell you to get “serious” and give up on your Internet dreams. They’re going to tell you to stop wasting your time on your computer and to go get a new hobby.

People are going to tell you a lot of things… sometimes it even comes from the ones you love the most… But, the most important key I can pass onto you is to – block out ALL the noise.

Like DJ Khaled always says:

They don’t want us to win.

So, you know what we’re going to do?


Stay focused.

Stay hungry.

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