Trump’s Sneaky SEO Secret

Let’s talk about Donald Trump for a second.

Especially about the Presidential debate that went down two days ago.

My thoughts?

I thought it was friken hilarious.

The whole thing looked and sounded like an SNL sketch that went on a little too long.

I’m not his biggest fan, but if Trump doesn’t win the election, he definitely has a career as a comedian.

His one-liners had me cracking up.

TRUMP photo

This one easily stole the whole debate for me:

Clinton: It’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.

Trump: …Because you’d be in jail.

** drops mic **

Yes, that might not be super “politically correct” but it sure is funny.

Even more amazing…

After all the heat Trumps been getting about the leaked audio of him talking about kissing and trying to have s.ex with different women, he somehow finessed his way out of that during the debate and managed to put Clinton on the defense.

Trump definitely has to thank his debate team for that.

Just goes to show the mind-blowing things that can happen when you do proper research and planning.

Especially when it comes to ranking videos on YouTube…

The better keyword research you do, the easier it is to rank your videos and the more traffic you will get as a result.

Turns out a ton of people have no clue how to do keyword research.

If your idea of “keyword research” is thinking of a random idea and making a video for it without checking to see the competition or how many people are searching for it, than you’re doing everything completely backwards.

Good news…

The link below which walks you through how to uncover easy to rank keywords that get tons of traffic in minutes. It’s so effective it might even give Trump a run for his money.

How to Uncover Easy to Rank For Keywords That Get Tons of Traffic In Minutes

Make sure you watch the whole thing 🙂

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