Think and Grow Broke

Here’s some mental masturbation to start off the day.

This is from one of my favorite books called “Think and Grow Rich”, which is known as one of the best books of all-time on mindset and success.

Literally every single entrepreneur, businessman, CEO, etc., recommends it as the book which changed everything for them.

This specific section talks about “mind-control” and how you MUST have total control of your mind if you want to achieve any type of success.

Here it is:

“Mind-control is the result of self-discipline and habit. You either control your mind or it controls you. There is no halfway compromise…Without this control, success is not possible.”

Lets relate this to something you and me are both very familiar with, Internet Marketing.

There’s one thing you have to get really good at…

It has nothing to do with SEO. It has nothing to do with Blogging. It has nothing to do with Ecom. It has nothing to do with YouTube.

The ONE thing you have to put a lot effort on is consistency.

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How consistent are you in your online biz?

The way I see it…

You should be learning something new everyday that can help your biz grow.

You should be driving some type of traffic everyday to some type of squeeze page, sales page, or affiliate link.

You should be growing your email list everyday with new hungry subscribers that are ready to buy from you.


You should be trying to make sales every single day online.

That last part is where most people struggle with.

They don’t know a way to make money that actually works and is easy to follow.

Usually everything they try out is either too complicated or doesn’t work at all.

Which is why I created a 5-step system designed to help you consistently make affiliate commissions every single day.

It’s advanced training condensed in an easy-to-digest way so even a complete newbie can follow along and get results with it. Plus, there is bonus training which shows you how to generate traffic and build a huge email list for free.

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