The Traffic Myth

I LOVE YouTube!

Over the years, I’ve put out popular software and training videos that have helped thousands of people make quick profits with video.

One of my channels is about to hit over 100,000 minutes watched, and another channel has videos with over 83,000+ views on them.

When it comes to YouTube…

I know a thing or two about getting results with it.

That’s why, I can’t wait to share with you something very exciting I found.

But before I get to that…

I need to get something off my chest. It’s important and I think will help you out a lot.

It’s about traffic.

You see…

A lot of people think traffic equals money. That the more traffic you can drive, the more money you will make as a result.

And to a certain extent this is true…

If you want to be successful, knowing how to generate traffic is a necessity.


There’s ONE important key that a lot of people forget about.

Here it is:

You shouldn’t be trying to get any type of traffic.

I can go out and get a million views to my website, but if that traffic isn’t relevant I won’t make a dime.

It’s a huge waste of time!

Instead, here’s what you should do…

Your goal should be trying to get TARGETED TRAFFIC!

That’s where the moolah is at 🙂

The more people you can get that are directly interested in your product or service, the more sales you’ll pull in.

targeted traffic

It becomes almost impossible not to make money once you start doing this.

Here’s where things get exciting…

There’s a new software being released tomorrow that will help you do just that.

It will generate targeted traffic from YouTube on complete autopilot using a unique twist.

All you need to do is set it up once and watch it make money for you around the clock.

Wait till you see this in action 🙂

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