Seems like everyone and their dog is promoting this new product called “Commission Cartel”.

My inbox has literally been flooded with a shyte ton of marketers offering their crazy bonuses for it. These things are HUGE…I heard there are people even offering 50+ bonuses to grab the product through their link.

It’s like a frenzy of affiliates going goo-goo ga-ga over this thing.

Now, I could of easily promoted this product too. I could of easily whipped up a sexy looking bonus package and promoted the hell out of it.


Someone way smarter than me once said (can’t remember who told it exactly):

“When you see everyone doing one thing, do the exact opposite”.

I stand behind that 100%.

When you see everyone zigging, you have to zag.

red blue photo

That’s how you stand out in a sea of noise and get attention (without having to push bonus packages down peoples throats)

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk business.

I mean, what good of a marketer would I be if I didn’t sell you something, am I right? 🙂


I’m going to do things a little different. I’m not going to sell you anything.

Wait what?!

Instead I want to give you valuable information you can use RIGHT NOW to make money.

You’re going to discover a little-known way to find a goldmine of hundreds of low-competition keywords in minutes.

These keywords have hundreds (some even thousands) of people searching for them every single month.

You can do this method manually for free, or use the software in the video to speed things up and automate the whole thing.

Either way, you’re going to walk away knowing how to drive targeted traffic to your website fast.

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