Stealing from Gurus (And Other Shady Activity)

We all had that one class we hated back in high school.

Mine was science.

I didn’t like it all. I found the whole thing really boring and really confusing.

Yet somehow, I managed to pass the class every single year… and it wasn’t a coincidence why either.

You see…

There was always a smart kid in my class who was a wizard with science. He would know every little random fact about molecules, ions, and mitosis that could ever exist.

And of course I made sure to become friends with him.

That way whenever we had a test, he’d let me peep over to see what he put on his paper.

At the end of the semester I ended up passing with a B.

What’s the point of all this?

Sometimes you need to do some “copy and pasting” to get what you want.

(BTW- Don’t take this as permission to go out and start stealing everything you see online. That’s just lame and uncool.)

Look around and “copy” what successful people (aka the gurus) are doing to make money.

That makes it so much easier to succeed.

Just like the new method I’ve been telling you about with Facebook. I learned it from a guy who’s been using it to make $100+ every single day from it.

Here’s how it works:

There are fan pages with thousands of fans on them who are passionate and interested in your niche or market.

How many do you think would buy if you put your affiliate link in front of them?

I think a lot would!

All you have to do is contact the owner of the fan page and ask them if you could put a message on there.

Where a lot of people go wrong with this is they don’t take the time to make sure the message they’re sending out is any good.

Which is why…

You should “copy and paste” these field-tested messages to make sure you bring in the most traffic and sales possible.

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