The Secret to Magically Making Money Online

Talk about lucky!

You think you’ve seen it all, but wait till you read this…

Just saw a crazy story of a guy called Bill Morgan who died after suffering from a heart attack.

Miraculously, 14 minutes later they were able to revive him after he was labeled clinically dead.

It gets more nuts…

After he was resurrected, Bill played the lottery and ended up winning it.

It gets even more nuts than that…

A local news channel approached him to publish a story on his win. They told him to reenact ‘playing the lottery’ and to scratch a lottery card for the segment.

Guess what?

My mans ended up winning the lottery AGAIN!

So how does this help you make more money?

Well obviously, go out and play the lottery right now.


I’m only half joking.

The real lesson you can learn from this wacky story is this…

For someone to literally die, resurrect, win the lottery, and then win the lottery again, you need some insane amount of luck.

And the cold hard truth is, we’re most likely not going to be as lucky as Bill.

Just did a quick Google search and the chances of you winning the lottery are 100,000,000 to 1. To put that simply, you’re more likely to be struck by lightning twice than to win the lottery.

Yet, I know too many people who sit around on their a$$ all day waiting for their “lucky break” to come.

You know what’s better?

Go and create your own luck!

But Edwin, how would I do that?

Glad, you asked.

It’s called putting in the work.

Not very sexy huh?

Look, a lot of people think buying a bunch of $7 products is going to be the miracle key that finally unlocks success for them.

That’s usually not the case…

But, that’s not to say you should stop buying stuff altogether.

You can easily take out a gem or two from every product you buy. You might learn a new traffic method you’ve never heard of, or be shown how to create a proper sales funnel, or even a trick to get more opens on your emails, etc.

No matter what it is…

All these “gems” eventually add up. You start connecting the dots. And things start ‘clicking’.

A lot of people are looking for some fancy shmancy way to make money money online.

It all comes down to the basics…

Create enough value for someone that they’re willing to pay you money for it. This is called value-based selling.

And it’s exactly what I cover inside of Overnight Affiliate Formula.

I show you a behind-the-scenes look at what the top super affiliates do to completely squash their competition, win leaderboards, and rain down affiliate commissions everyday like magic.

It comes down to a 3-step formula you can use to sell almost anything online.

And best of all, this course contains not one, not two, but tons of gems you can use right now to make moolah fast.

This isn’t for people who are lazy and love sitting around all day waiting to get lucky.

For everyone else, here’s the link to get started:

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