Promise Me You’ll Use This for Good Not Evil

It’s important you use this for good not evil.

I heard an interesting podcast the other day that talked about the incredible power of authority.

(This is even more relevant nowadays with all the news of police killing innocent people over here in the States)

It talked about a study psychologists did to see how far someone would go when given instructions by an authority figure.

The experiment took place in a hospital where they wanted to test if nurses would follow the instructions from a doctor even if those instructions were clearly dangerous. The “fake doctors” were told to tell the nurses to prescribe a deadly amount of a certain medicine to their patients.

Here’s where things got scary.

Even though the nurses were fully aware that the dosage they were told to administer was dangerous, they still complied without much hesitation.

That’s the power of having authority.

If you’re an authority figure, people barely ever question you. They take what you say as gospel.

When this power falls into the wrong hands it’s a recipe for disaster. Just look at any mass genocide in human history. It’s the result of someone having way too much authority, and people following their instructions blindly like a bat.

In your niche, you should striving to be an authority figure.

authority photo

Someone that people view as an expert and their trusted advisor.

Someone that people look up too and buy from without any second hesitation.

That’s the power of having authority.

And one of the easiest ways to “cultivate” that authority is through YouTube videos.

When you upload a helpful video you automatically gain credibility and expert status.

(I’ve seen it happen time and time again.)

The more videos you put up, the better.

That is, if people can find them in the first place.

If your video doesn’t pop up on the first page when someone searches for it then you’re leaving a ton of cash on the table.

You’ll get less views, less traffic, and less “authority juice” flowing back to you.

But there is a way to fix this…

And it involves using a weird point-and-click software that helps you find low-competition keywords you can rank for in minutes.

Sounds way too good to be true?

I thought so too, till I saw it in action.

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