You're About to Discover the Closely Guarded Secrets Super Affiliates Use to Pull in $100 a Day in Commissions

These secrets have helped hundreds of struggling marketers make money online... Now it’s YOUR turn to put them to work!

Dear Friend,

On this page you're going to find out how to make $100 a day online in affiliate commissions using a simple 5-step formula.

This "formula" has helped hundreds of people finally generate real money online.


I want to show you exactly what it is so you can get these same results in your own business.

Make sure you read this page from top to bottom because I'll also be exposing a HUGE mistake (you might be making) that's killing your sales.

If you don't address this problem...

You WILL Fail!

I know that sounds harsh... but hear me out.

It’s true that millions of people every year will try to make money online.

A few (a very few) will succeed wildly.

A few more will wallow in the sad mud of mediocrity, neither experiencing the thrill of victory nor the agony of defeat. These will live in “no man’s land”.

Most will fail. Miserably and repeatedly. When I say “most”, I mean 97%.

Perhaps you have already experienced one of these failures - after all, the odds are over 97% that you have.

Maybe you know what it’s like to strike out again and again... never really getting the results you wanted.

I know it feels like you've followed every method but can't seem to make any consistent sales.

I know it feels like you've bought every product about Internet Marketing but can't seem to make it work for you.

I know it all feels like you're smashing into one big brick wall over and over again!

You do your very best to make at least a $100 per day online, but you only end up feeling overwhelemed and frustrated when you don't see the commissions roll in like you thought they would.

Maybe you have suffered this kind of burning humiliation more than once. Maybe you feel like no matter how hard you try, you’re just never going to make consistent income online.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Don’t feel bad - you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.

The reason for your frustrated efforts is not a lack of willpower, it’s not gullibility, and it’s not a moral failing on your part.

The reason why you can’t seem to pull in tons of affiliate commissions is really quite simple and even easy to fix.

Here it is...

No one has told you the secret "formula" super affiliates use to successfully promote products online.

Let that soak in.

You've been left lost and confused because no one has shown you the real "key" to making this whole online thing work.

That's why I'm going to show you the...

Shortcut to Become a Super Affiliate

About 95% of newbies who try to make money online go about doing it all wrong...

Here's how you're probably promoting products right now:

  • You search around and find a product to promote.
  • You send some traffic to your affiliate link.
  • You sit back and pray that you make some sales.

How well is that working for you?

My guess is not very good at all!

You see... following those three steps can make you money if you're lucky...

But the harsh truth is, the majority of people don't know what the hell they're doing!

And, if you don't know the right thing to do at each of those steps you'll never make any real money.

Even worse...

Following that example above will only set you up for failure.


Because there are actually two steps missing from it.

Plugging in these two extra steps into your affiliate promotions will "unlock" everything for you.

You'll get more clicks... Higher conversions... And put more cash in your pocket.

Want to know what these missing steps are?

All you need to do is...

Follow This Simple Formula to Generate More Sales Online

Before I tell you the formula... I'm going to quickly share my story.

You see... just like you I used to feel overwhelmed and frustrated that I couldn't make money online.

I used to read about all these people who were living the "Internet Lifestyle". They had the latest cars... a nice house... a hot wife... and were able to make a full-time living from home.

It sounded like a dream come true and I was super excited to learn how to do it myself.

I would spend hours every single day searching the web and buying tons of products to somehow figure out how to make money online.

The sad part was... nothing I did worked.

Yeah... I made a couple of sales here and there, but I wasn't making consistent sales like I had hoped I would.

The whole thing made me lose confidence in myself and almost made me quit Internet Marketing forever.

Until I figured out the...

"Missing Piece" For Affiliate Marketing

One day while browsing a forum...

I learned about this group of smart marketers called "super affiliates".

These were marketers who consistently got hundreds of sales from every product they promoted... who always popped up on sales leaderboards... and who always won affiliate contests they participated in.

They've mastered how to pull in ton of sales from the products they promote.

I knew they had to be doing something unique that no one else was doing.


I decided to go "undercover" and find their secret for making tons of affiliate commissions online.

After many hours of studying and dissecting their promotions...

I found it.

It turned out that almost every super affiliate followed the exact same steps in their affiliate promotions.

While "regular" affiliates scratched their heads trying to figure out how to make a handful of sales...

These super affiliates followed 5 simple steps that helped them generate affiliate commissions day in day out.

It was all thanks to a specific formula they followed. I didn't know how powerful it would be until I used it in my own business...

Here Are My Results From Using This     "Super Affiliate Formula"

Awesome right?

The way I was able to get those results is really simple. But maybe not obvious.

Every great accomplishment involves learning from people who already have the results you want. Sometimes that’s not obvious to us.

Sometimes we think others were just born with the ability to sell and make money online.

They weren’t.

At one time, every marketer started right where you are right now.

There’s no reason holding you back from the same kind of success that others enjoy.

And there’s even better news:

You can enjoy that success faster, better, and easier than those who came before you.

That's why... I decided to put these "super affiliate secrets" inside of my BRAND NEW course called...

Inside of "Overnight Affiliate Formula" you'll discover a proven step-by-step formula for making $100 a day online.

The entire method is broken down into 5 simple steps you can quickly use to make money.

This isn't theory.

This isn't fluff.

This is actionable information that can give you amazing results once you take action on it.

The best part is...

The entire course is designed to be as newbie-friendly as possible. This can work for you no matter what level of expertise you have.

Imagine waking up tomorrow and seeing your Inbox filled with notifications of all the sales you made while you were sleeping.

With "Overnight Affiliate Formula" you can finally make that a reality.

Here is everything you'll get inside:

  • The 3-step method super affiliates use to CRUSH the competition and make huge commissions online. (Everything you need to know is laid out and explained in detail)
  • The dumb mistake every newbie makes when it comes to affiliate marketing and exactly how to fix it. (This is the missing puzzle piece you need to make sure every promotion you do gets a lot of sales)
  • The best websites for finding hot upcoming products to promote in seconds.
  • The single page you must create on your website to instantly double your conversions and get more sales. (Doing this alone will help you blow past your competition without much extra effort)
  • How to know if a product is worth promoting or not. (If you pick the wrong product to promote you can kill your sales from the start)
  • The seven questions you must ask yourself before you promote anything. (This is how you can make sure your product will make you money. Forgetting to do this will set your promotion up for failure.)
  • The plug-n-play template you can use for your promotions that is designed to make buying from you the only clear logical choice. (Just download this from the members area and use it in minutes...)
  • The simple message you can send to any vendor to quickly gain their trust so you can promote their product. (This is especially handy if you're just starting out and are having trouble getting approved to promote products)
  • A deadly persuasive way to influence people to pull out their credit cards and buy from you again and again. (When I first used this, I ended up making the most sales I had ever made before online)
  • My secret technique for writing hypnotizing emails that almost force people to buy from you. (This is how you get your subscribers excited and anxious to buy what you're selling)
  • The proven sequence you must follow to promote any product. (I show you what to put in your emails and when to send them out for the best possible results)

And that is only the beginning.

After you have watched the training inside of "Overnight Affiliate Formula", what once appeared dark and mysterious will suddenly become clear and easy!

These are the same secrets I’ve used to successfully promote products online. And I'm sure these affiliate marketing secrets will work for you too!

But don't just take my word for it...

Here Is What Other People Have Said About Overnight Affiliate Formula

"I wish I had something like this when I was starting out"

I got access to Overnight Affiliate Formula this past week and I have to say this is one of the best trainings I've ever been through.

I am a 17 year old, full time Internet Marketer, and was amazed when I saw Edwin come up with this.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to make a job-replacing income with affiliate marketing.

I wish I had something like this when I was starting out. It would have made stuff much easier.

A big Thumbs UP from me!

- Ijlal Ahmed

"There is no stone left unturned"

I have been marketing online since 1995 and in the IM space full time for the last 5 years, so I'm not a newbie marketer by any means.

I do a lot of affiliate marketing in the core of my business and after reviewing Overnight Affiliate Formula, I found it very informative and thorough.

Edwin really hit on all of the topics that us successful affiliates use.

There is no stone left unturned.

He takes you by the hand and shows you step by step how to become a successful affiliate.

I had to learn all of this from the school of hard knocks. I wish when I had gotten started in affiliate marketing there had been a course like this.

If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer too I highly recommend this course. There are a lot of golden nuggets to be had.

If you take action and follow his plan you can't help but be successful.

- Steve Haase

"He explains every step to make it virtually failproof"

Just checked out the "Overnight Affiliate Formula" training and let me tell you it rocks.

Edwin shows you the fastest and easiest methods for people to make money online. 

He explains every step to make it virtually failproof. I really like how he gets straight to the point and leaves out the usual BS or fluff that you find in most Internet Marketing training courses.

If you are still struggling to make any income online, I highly suggest you grab "Overnight Affiliate Formula" before the price goes up.

- Gary Alach

"Easy enough to follow for any level"

Overnight Affiliate Formula is a great course showing you exactly how to make sales promoting other peoples products.

Its very complete with videos and resources for all the stages from knowing nothing to having a full campaign in place.

The thing I liked the most was it went beyond a lot of the other courses out there but still kept it easy enough to follow for any level.

You could go from knowing absolutely nothing to a full affiliate campaign just by following this product.

I know the methods taught in there work as I use a lot of them myself, but to have it all laid out so simply makes this a definite winner.

- Alex Copeland

"Awesome investment"

As someone who is new to online marketing I would definitely recommend this product.

I've gone through a bunch of courses before that promised similar results but none have really dug into the different aspects of affiliate marketing like this one does.

It was an awesome investment and you will not be disappointed.

- Gaston Ferreira

Right about now, if I were you, there would be one question on my mind…

How Much Will This Cost Me?

You’re smart.

You looked around and you know that other legit Internet Marketing courses (filled with profit-pumping information) easily sell for over $97.

And I truly believe that by now you can see it would be worth that much to learn how to pull in more affiliate commissions online.

In fact, I believe it’s worth a multiple of those other products, if only because of the way I simplified the whole thing into 5 easy steps.

Think about this… If the only thing "Overnight Affiliate Formula" did was help you make more sales online… it would be worth $97, yes?

Think about this… If the only thing "Overnight Affiliate Formula" did was help you have more time to spend with your friends or family… it would be worth $97, yes?

Think about this… If the only thing "Overnight Affiliate Formula" did was show you a behind-the-scenes look at what super affiliates do to make money online… it would be worth $97, yes?

Think about this… If the only thing "Overnight Affiliate Formula" did was help you not feel worried or anxious about upcoming bills or payments… it would be worth $97, yes?

The good news is "Overnight Affiliate Formula" can help you do every single one of those things, and more!

But I’m not even going to think about asking you to pay $97. In fact, it won’t even cost you $47.

Because when you take advantage of this special offer right now, your total investment only comes to $17.

The reason why it’s this inexpensive is simple:

I wanted this training to be affordable for everyone.

There are several successful marketers who won't teach you half the information I share inside unless you join their expensive private coaching programs. This will usually set you back a couple thousand dollars.

I know what it feels like to be totally lost and confused when it comes to making money online.

That's why, I wanted to make sure this course was affordable for everyone.

But that's not all.

Let's make the deal even juicier...

When You Act Now You’re Also Getting These Special Bonuses 100% FREE! 

Bonus #1

Exclusive Training Videos (Value $47)

In this bonus, you're going to get access to training videos that'll show you some of my most powerful advice for making money online.

Here are some of the things you'll discover:

  • A foolproof way to fill your email list with hot buyers without having to sell anything. (If you don't have a list this will help you get your first subscribers rolling in)
  • A simple method I use to make quick cash from YouTube by uploading "ghetto" videos. (I've woken up to random Paypal sales that came directly from using this method)
  • My secret source for generating tons of targeted free traffic in minutes. (Only a small group of people have ever seen this training before)
  • The SEO blueprint you must follow to easily rank your videos and websites. (This Google friendly and won't get your website sandboxed or penalized. Just follow my advice and see results not too long after that)

Bonus #2

List Dissection (Value $17)

In this bonus, you'll find out how to quickly and easily generate more sales from your email list.

It doesn't matter how big or small your list is as long as you follow what I share inside of this video.

Here is what you'll discover:

    • The powerful 7-letter word that will dramatically increase your sales. (I show you what it is and how to easily use it in your emails)
    • How to quickly improve your open and click-through rates by over 30%.
    • One little known tactic major food chains use to increase email sales without being hypey or pushy.
    • Why it doesn't matter what you say in your messages as long as they have this "special ingredient" inside of them. (This is the secret for building a air-tight relationship between you and your subscribers)
    • How to know exactly what your subscribers want to buy even if they don't know themselves. (If you're not making a lot of money from your email, make sure you pay close attention to this section)
    • A simple "paint-by-numbers" strategy to figure out exactly what you should send to your email list... so your subscribers become addicted to reading your emails.
    • How to get your sales by writing your emails using this special formula. (Once you see how simple this is you'll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner)

You get these exclusive bonuses completely free when you order "Overnight Affiliate Formula" today.

Click the button below to get started:

100% Money Back Guarantee!

As small as your investment will be, I’m also offering a crazy guarantee.

You’re protected by my "No-Questions-Asked, 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee".

I’m so confident this will change the way you make money online forever that I’m giving you a full 60 days to try it out. If it doesn't make you back at least 10x what you invested in it, I'll gladly refund you in full. Just contact my support desk here and I'll get you sorted.

I think you’ll agree, that’s a pretty solid offer.

Discover the Closely-Guarded Secrets to Make $100 a Day Online

Now is the time you make the type of money you've always dreamed of making online.

It doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner, if you have a tiny email list, or if you've never made a sale before.

As long as you can follow simple instructions this can work for you.

You have everything to gain.

Your future is in your hands.

Click the 'Add to Cart' Button Below For Instant Access:

See you inside!

Talk soon,
Edwin Torres

P.S. One year from today, you will certainly “arrive”. The real question is… Where?

If you wanted to be somewhere different than where you are now, you’ll have to do something different than what you’re currently doing. Take the first step toward a different future, and order today.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in this course. The examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas, and techniques. We do not position this product as a “get rich scheme.”

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