New Twist On Instagram

First there was Twitter. Then there was Facebook. And now there’s Instagram.

Every couple years a new social media network lands on the scene and shakes everything up. Those who are smart and can spot trends jump on them straight away and make out like bandits.

These are the people who scoop up the most traffic, make the most money, and build the biggest following.

Quick story:

Back in 2013 I was HEAVY into Twitter.

twitter photo

I would go on it every single day and tweet my soul away. All my time was spent retweeting, liking, and engaging with other uses.

My followers went up.

I got a ton of traffic and exposure.

And I was able to grow my blog very very fast because of it.

It’s all thanks to spotting the trend and jumping on it before anyone else.

And guess what?

Instagram is the new trend in town.

If you’re not using it to cash out, you’re missing out on HUGE untapped potential.

And don’t worry…

You don’t have to spend all day posting selfies or taking HD fancy shmancy photos to make it work for you either.

You just have to use the twist over at this link!

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