My New Favorite Traffic Method

As you may or may not know…

I’m starting up another business 🙂

I’ve done a ton of research on my market, studied my competition intensely (“keep your friends close and your enemies closer”) and been trying to find the gaps I can fill in my niche to dominate.

It should be fun.

I’m even going back to my “online roots” and will pump out blog posts for it (which is something I’ve avoided for a while).


I’m going to make consistent YouTube videos for it to grow an audience on there aswell.

(I’ve mapped out a game-plan to get the blog to 1,000+ visitors a day, but that’s an email for another day)

Here’s a tip you can use for your own websites.

You can use this to not only bring in targeted visitors fast, but to also position yourself as an authority in your market.

What is it?

It’s called guest posting.


Find five to ten of the BIGGEST blogs in your niche or market.

Hit them up asking if you could write an article for them.

Write an article that’s super valuable (and that their audience will like too).

Put a section at the end of the post that points back to your blog.

That’s it.

Yeah, it’s annoying. Yeah, it takes some work. Yeah, you have to write a lot of articles.


The traffic and moolah you’ll make from doing it (that is, if you’re smart and build a list with it) will be totally worth it.


That’s enough value for one day.

Do with it what you want.

You might have read this email and thought to yourself, “Psssh, Edwin really thinks I have so much free time to write so damn much!”

I get it.

I know you might hate writing.

You don’t want to deal with making long posts… or worrying about H1 tags… or keyword density… or interlinking… or any of that annoying SEO stuff.

If this is you:

Do yourself a favor and watch this video!

At the link above, you’ll be able to grab a plugin that automatically populates your blog with content from high-authority websites… without having to write anything yourself.

And the weird thing is…

Google won’t penalize or ban you for it!

Click here to watch it in action.

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