Michael Jordan Would Hate My Guts Right About Now

Last night I had a playoff basketball game for my school.

It’s an intramural league I’m in where you basically get a group of your friends and compete against other teams.

Let’s just say, I’m the only one who can score on my team.

They don’t call me Grant Hill for nothing 🙂

And last night I was off! My free throws weren’t falling. My shots weren’t falling. My layups weren’t falling.

When I’m not scoring, it’s basically a guaranteed loss for my team.

Yet strangely enough…

I don’t what it was…

Maybe the basketball Gods were looking down at us…

But we were in the game the entire time and were able to cut the score 43 – 42 with only seven seconds left.

All we needed was one shot to win.

So, we threw the ball in… I passed it up to my friend… He fumbled the ball… Took a contested hook shot… And air-balled it.

The buzzard sounded.

We lost.

Time ran out.

(Not the miracle ending you were expecting huh?)

I’m telling you this story to remind you that life’s all about timing. You have to take action when the opportunity is right in front of you.

And you know what else is running out of time?

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