What to Do to Make Google WILLINGLY Send You Tons of Traffic

We all want more traffic.

One of the best ways to get it is through Google.

But, do you know how to get first page rankings fast… without having to trick them?

Real quick.

There was a story I read about a guy who pretended to be an adult film producer. He told girls if they threw it back like John Travolta in Boogie Nights they would land the job. Dozens of women fell for it.


He had to trick girls just to get some action.

A lot of people are trying to do the same thing with Google to get some hot search traffic.

Using things like link farms… or keyword stuffing… or PLR content… won’t get you the results you want.

Yeah, you might get some traffic if you’re lucky. But how good is that if it only lasts a day before Google catches you red-handed.

Using here-today-and-gone-tomorrow tactics isn’t what you need to do.

You don’t need to trick them.

Instead give them what they want!

For example…

When Facebook Live first dropped, Facebook HEAVILY favored that. When YouTube Live first dropped, YouTube was handing out #1 rankings like candy on Halloween.

You know what Google is loving right now?

Google News!

If you have your own news website, you WILL get near-instant rankings. Tons of people are doing this to get floods of free traffic.

Do you have your own news website?

Do you know how to get it approved by Google?

Are you confused on how to SEO-optimize it?

Good news…

Effortless Google News Formula (I know… LONG name…) is going to show you how to quickly create your own news website in 40 minutes or less.

You only have to set it up once to take over the first page for your chosen keyword.

Don’t trick Google into giving you traffic. Instead, make them hand it over to you willingly.

Go here to get started:

Click here to set up your news website and start ranking.

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