I Love the Smell of Affiliate Commissions in the Morning

The dreaded time has come…

School is back in session.

After an awesome (and very profitable) summer, I went back to school today.

Fall semester has started up again and I’m back in the “college grind”.

It was cool to see a bunch of my old friends today. Plus, my teachers seem chill so it shouldn’t too hard getting good grades in my classes.

One thing I love about Internet Marketing is how you can make 100% passive income with it.

Unlike a real job where your hours directly correlate into how much you get paid…

With IM you can do the work once and make money from it over and over again.

There’s no better feeling than being away all day and coming home to a bunch of new sales in your Inbox.


One of the reasons I’m able to do this is because of my website.

I have it set up to be a 24/7 lead-generating weapon so that it’ll make me money even when I’m not there.

Once you give your site all the tools it needs to be successful, making passive income online becomes way easier.

Want to know how to do this too?

There are a couple of things you MUST do to make your website a cash-guzzling machine.

Without doing this, you’re going to lose out on a lot of moolah.

Here’s what you need to do…

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