Most Important Question You’ll Ask Yourself All Year

A couple months ago, I managed to “infiltrate” a club at my college.

This club helps entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground, meet investors, improve their marketing, and whole bunch of other cool stuff.

The guy who ran the club, lets call him Bob, was a total badass!

Even though oatmeal had more personality than him, he was a walking talking legend.

He was easily worth millions, had managed to close some huge deals over in Asia back in the day, and was filled with biz knowledge.

Bob taught us a ton of lessons but there was one that really stuck with me.

It was a simple question.


Dare I say it, this might be the most important question you’ll ask yourself all year.

Here it is:

“Does it align with your vision?”

Follow me for a second…

You should have ONE MAJOR GOAL for your online business.

Whether that’s to make more money… to get more subscribers… or to bring in more customers.

Knowing that, everything you do should be totally aligned with that goal!

(And no, unless you’re running ads, scrolling through Facebook all day isn’t aligned with your vision)

So if you’re ever stuck, or don’t know if what you’re doing is productive or not…

Just ask yourself, does it align with my vision?

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