The Hundred Year Old Invention That Brings in Commissions

Way back in 1913, Henry Ford invented the assembly line.

This allowed him to manufacture his cars at triple the speed of his competition… thus letting him have a tight-grip on the marketplace… and let him dominate the industry like the real OG he was.

Instead of having one person work on an entire car all by himself (like everyone else was doing), Ford decided to break the process up into stations.

This single invention propelled Ford to having a net worth of over 199 BILLION dollars!

And you know what?

Just like how assembly lines were used to make cars, your website needs to work the same way.

You should have a wide-range of plugins that handle certain tasks.

For example…

One for writing content.

One for ranking your posts on Google.

One for generating traffic.

One for making money from it.

Or, if you’re lazy like me and don’t want to mess with a hundred plugins…

You’d use Instant Affiliate Machines.

It does everything I listed above…

Plus, it makes you feel like you have your own team of professionals working around the clock to make sure your website brings in those sweet, sweet commissions.

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