How To Rank Any Website In A Few Weeks Or Less

I get the question a lot, ‘Edwin what would you do to rank a website in a few weeks or less’?

Hmmm what would I personally do to rank a website in the fastest time possible huh?

I’d start up a backlinking campaign.

Backlinks are used so Google can find your site and rank it for a certain keyword. It almost is like a popularity contest. The more highly relevant backlinks you have pointing to a website, the easier it will be to rank that site for that keyword.

First things first I’d make sure my website has the following:

  • My keyword in the domain name
  • 5-10 articles over 500 words that are 100% unique. I don’t mess with spun and rehashed crap.
  • All the essential plugins installed like All in One SEO Pack, Google XML Sitemaps, W3 Cache, etc.

Here are some of my favorite backlink sources to use on a new or old site. If your website is brand new (less than a month) is it is CRUCIAL to take things slow at first then ramp things up the older the site gets.

Here are some of my favorite backlink sources to rank a website:

  • Web 2.0 articles
  • Web 2.0 profile links
  • Forum profile links
  • Blog comments
  • Guest posting
  • PDF links
  • Wiki articles
  • Press releases

Here is a good backlinking strategy you can use for your sites. We are going to use something called Tiers (for example Tier 1, Tier 2).

Tier 1 links are your most important links and those link straight to your money site (the site you want to rank). Tier 2 links are the links that you point to your Tier 1 links. These act as buffers that pass the link juice onto your Tier 1 links which will make them have a higher PR. These high PR links will then point to your money site.


You can also go deeper and even have Tier 3 links which point to your Tier 2 links. You’d normally not go beyond 3 tiers.

Now that you understand the concept of Tiers here is how I’d rank a site using them:

  • Tier 1: Press releases, Web 2.0 articles, PDF links
  • Tier 2: Web 2.0 profile links, Wiki articles
  • Tier 3: Blog comments
  • (Optional) Tier 4: Forum profile links

That is EXACTLY how I’d rank a website today in a few weeks.

Hope you guys this useful, leave a comment and tell me what you think 🙂

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