How To Get More Views On Your YouTube Videos – “Fortune Teller” Method

There is a simple way to get more views to your YouTube videos by doing a bit of “fortune-telling”.

How would you like to know if your video will get lots of views or not before you even press ‘Record’?

There’s a super simple method that only takes a couple of minutes to do, but once you actually implement it, you can expect really good results.

We’re going to spy on the top channels in your niche using a very simple method. Once you start applying this in your video marketing, your results will exponentially grow.

how to get views on YouTube videos

This is as close to real fortune-telling that we might ever see…

How To Get More Views On Your YouTube Videos

First things first, go to YouTube and search for your niche or market.

For example, if I’m in the weight loss niche and have a product I want to promote about getting six pack abs, I would search up “how to get a six pack”.

After searching, click on “Filters” and then under “Type”, click on “Channel”. This will pull up any channel related to six pack abs.

Go through a couple of the results, and check out their videos. Make sure you sort them by ‘Most Popular’ so only the channels most viewed videos pop up.


These videos are proven “traffic machines” and have a lot of people looking them up. They’re on topics people are interested about and are searching for.

When I did this, I found a video titled, “Get six pack abs in 12 minutes – this workout works!” It has over 11,000,000 views on it.

I would go through a couple more videos and note down the names of the videos. By doing this, you can get keyword ideas for your own videos. If you go and watch the videos, you can pick up some tips that you can use for your future videos aswell.

These channels have pretty much proven that these video topics get a lot of traffic and views. If you were to make a video targeting similar keywords, you’ll be able to piggyback off their traffic and ride the wave they’re on.

Go get that video camera out and start pumping out some videos! Let me know what type of results you get. What do you think of the method? Leave your comments or questions below!



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