This Is for You If You Hate Facebook Ads

Look, I have nothing against Mark Zuckerburg and Facebook.

He’s one hell of an entrepreneur and it’s one hell of a website.

(I read somewhere that they purposely designed your newsfeed to be more addictive than taking crack… scary)


When it comes to Facebook ads, that’s where my love ends.


I couldn’t figure out how to make money with it.

Lot’s of products make it sound like it’s super simple to get traffic from it.

“Oh yeah, just target an audience, put a good looking photo with a red border, and set your budget to $5 a day”

Yet, when I did that I lost more money than I made back.

(…and my ass ended up getting banned from running Facebook ads for life, but that’s a story for another email)

The point is…

Screw Facebook!

There’s a much better way to generate traffic that won’t empty your pockets along with it.

And it’s so effective you can literally “set it and forget it” and get free traffic coming in all day long.

Want to know what it is?

Log off Facebook, turn off your paid ads, and check out this little-known way to generate more traffic!

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