Google Caught in Its Own Lies

It’s no surprise.

Google HATES duplicate content!

If they even smell it on you, say bye-bye to your rankings.

It’s no longer 2011 dude…

You can’t just drop an article into some spinner software, click “Spin” a couple times, and call it a day.

And if you want some information “straight from the horses mouth” as my high school English teacher would say…

Matt Cutts, an employee over at Google who knows a lot about the inner workings that go on over there, has said on multiple occasions that the search algorithm favors fresh, unique content.

But I have a secret Google doesn’t know…

There’s a way to legally “steal” the content from high-authority websites in your niche or market and not get caught for it.

This isn’t some loophole or trick either…

It’s legit!

Google has even come out and said that this specific way to get content will have no negative effect on your rankings.

They don’t consider it duplicate content… even if you know damn well that you’re swiping it for your own website.

Want to know what this unique content method is?

Good news:

This software automates the whole thing for you!

Talk soon,
Edwin Torres

P.S: There’s a right way and a wrong way to use this method.

You can’t just go over to any blog post and blatantly copy-and-paste it over.

There’s an extra step you need to do which makes the whole thing legit in Google’s eyes.

Luckily for you…

This plugin handles all that for you!

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