How to Get Views on YouTube – Foolproof Method to Easily Get More Views on Your Videos

Want to know how to get views on YouTube?

In this tutorial you’ll learn an easy method to get more views on your videos.

I learned this method from one of the top YouTubers online. They make a bunch of basketball training videos, and managed to take their channel from 0 subscribers to over 100,000 subscribers in just a year or two. A lot of their videos get over 100,000 views, so they know a thing or two about generating traffic to their YouTube videos.

I want to show you exactly what they do and how you can do it too, on your own channel.

First things first, head on over to YouTube and open up Notepad or some type of text editor. Once you have it open write down what your target keywords are. For example, in if you’re in the Internet marketing niche you might write down:

  • how to make money online
  • how to generate more traffic
  • how to increase sales

Make sure your keywords are “how to” keywords because YouTube has a HUGE number of people searching up tutorials and instructional videos to help them out with their problem.  Putting ‘how to” in front of your keywords helps you target these viewers better.

Once you’re done with that…

What you have to do is remove the how to from the keyword.

Wait, what? No really.

This might sound a little bit confusing, but trust me. We’re going to be copying the root keyword without the how to and searching for it on YouTube. We want to see what type of keywords users are searching for so we can make videos around those keywords. how to get views on youtube

My first keyword was how to make money online, and the root keyword from that is make money online. If you paste that in the YouTube search and press space, a long list of recommended or suggested keywords will pop up.

For our example, this is what YouTube recommended:

  • make money online by making use of Internet
  • make money online free no scams or surveys
  • make money online surveys
  • make money online playing games

Go through the list and copy down the ones that make sense and are relevant to your niche.

Repeat this process for the rest of the keywords in our original list to see what long-tail keywords people are searching for.

After doing that, go and make a video for each of the keywords on your final list!

These keywords are being searched for by the thousands so you know they have a lot of traffic behind them. Go out and implement this straight away.

What are some other ways you get more views on your YouTube videos?

If you have any other tutorials or you want me to make any other type of videos for you guys, make sure you leave it below in the comment section.

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