My Epic Peru Adventure

It’s been an extremely busy couple of days over here in Miami.

Just came back from an epic 9-day trip over in Peru. I went to Lima, Cusco, and Puno which are some of the most popular spots to visit there.

I did a lot of exploring, lived two days with the natives (yeah, no wifi, it sucked), and looked at an insane amount of ancient ruins.

Here’s a pic I took at one of the 7 Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu:

On top of that…

I’ve been working overtime to not fail my college classes (it’s becoming more and more of a chore by the day) and to finally launch my personal development blog.

Lot’s of exciting stuff in store 🙂


With so much on my plate, I’ve barely had time to recommend something to you.

I made it a goal to tell you a new product every week that I believe will actually help you make money.

And with so much junk and trash being peddled around as “legit methods” nowadays, it’s extremely hard to meet that goal.

It’s not my style to recommend just ANYTHING to you to make a quick buck.


I saw something this morning that met my criteria.

It’s not a mind-blowing method by any means, but it will show you a quick-n-dirty way to make $103.38 in a couple of hours.

You don’t need to launch a product or have a huge email list to make this work either.

It’s a simple affiliate marketing method you can use to rake in some fast cash.

Click here to check it out!

I didn’t have time to prepare a “proper” promotion for it, so no video review or bonuses this time.

Time to go back inside “the marketing lab”.

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