How to Make Your Email List More Responsive and Targeted Using This Weird Twist

Hey its Edwin and today I want to share something very powerful!

I’ve noticed that people are having a lot of trouble building a hungry email list. A list that is filled with raving fans who open whatever you send, and buy from you (almost) on command.

Imagine having a list so unresponsive that before every email you have to say a quick little prayer just so you can get a teeny weeny 5% open rate…which btw in the Internet marketing industry is very, very low.

Keep reading to find out how to make your email list more responsive and targeted!


We all know what happens when our list doesn’t open our emails:

  • We can’t drive any traffic!
  • We can’t brag about how many clicks and opens our list gets! (Who doesn’t like bragging just a little bit 😉
  • We can’t make any money!

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

I too have suffered from this problem multiple times in the past. I’ve had loads of lists where I poured my heart and soul into every day only to get a crappy number of opens and clicks.

It wasn’t until I got a tip from one of my IM buddies (I’ll keep his name a secret for right now) that everything changed…

email marketing

In this blog post I want to share how I finally figured out how to build hyper-targeted lists. How I finally learned how to make lists that actually care about what you have to say. Lists that give a damn about your product recommendations and actually buy from you.

You know whats my big secret that lets me get 30%, 40%, even 50% open rates on my emails?

I’m sure you’ve seen the squeeze pages everyone else has countless times already. Ya know, the ones with a hypey headline, some blurb about the free gift they’re going to receive, and an optin box at the bottom of the page.

Those type of pages do work, I’ve used them before. But, I’ve found a much better way to create squeeze pages which only lets the most motivated, and passionate people onto my list.

It is all about using multi-page squeeze pages.

With a multi-page squeeze page you’re only getting the most targeted, and highly motivated prospects onto your list. Your essentially kicking out anyone who isn’t totally passionate about whatever your list is about.

Here’s how to set up your own multi-page squeeze fast:

1. Come up with some really kick-ass information about your niche or market. It could be a tutorial, a how-to, etc. Try to make it some of your best quality content.

2. Spread out that content between 2-3 pages on your website. Each page will have a link at the bottom so they can check out the next page in the sequence. For example: Page 1 links to Page 2, Page 2 to Page 3, and so forth. Make sure to end each page with a little cliff-hanger so the visitor is compelled to keep reading ahead.

3. On the last page make the visitor enter their email to either:

  • A: Receive more email updates on your niche.
  • B: To get the rest of the content. (It really is up to you)

By using these ninja squeeze pages we have eliminated anyone who isn’t interested in what we have to offer. We eliminated anyone who doesn’t have a big interest in fixing their issue or problem. We have kept only the people who truly want to hear from us.

Powerful stuff 🙂

Go out and make your own multi-page squeeze page today and watch your open rates, click rates, and SALES explode out of the water!

Any questions? Leave a comment below and I’ll get to it as quick as I can.

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