Don’t Drink the Guru Kool-Aid

A couple of years ago I started to take list building seriously.

The word on the street was that having your own email list was extremely important.

So, I decided to drink the “guru kool-aid” and give it a shot.

(This ended up being one of the smartest decisions I ever made, but more on that in another email…)

The first step I needed to do: Sign up to an autoresponder service.

But there was problem…

I was probably about 14 or 15 at the time and didn’t have my own credit card.

All of the big autoresponder companies like Aweber or GetResponse only accepted payments through card at the time.

Which basically meant I was shyte out of luck.

I couldn’t even ask my parents to borrow theirs because they thought the whole thing was sketchy.

With a lot of Googling I managed to find an AR that did accept Paypal. I used that for a couple of months and decided to be an “adult” and get my own debit card. From there, I switched to another autoresponder and moved all my subscribers over. Then I got tired of that service (the deliverability was terrible) and moved my entire list again.

And last year, I moved my list one last time to the service I’m using now.

I’ve been with almost every single autoresponder company known to man. Not a title I’m exactly proud to have.

(uhhhh just writing that made me feel dirty)

Looking back it’s probably been on my biggest blonde moments.

What makes you say that Edwin?

It would of been much smarter to stick to just one autoresponder. I’m not gonna bore you with the “technical” reasons as to why, but just know you will make a lot more dinero if you stick to one.

lightbulb photo

Here’s why I’m telling you all this…

You might be going through the same thing.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You buy a product, quickly scroll through it, tell yourself how cool it is…

Then you check out another product that looks equally as nice and bright and shiny.

You buy it, quickly scroll through it, and tell yourself how much cooler this one is compared to the last one.


The whole cycle ends up repeating itself.

Instead of going through one, taking notes, using what you learned, and seeing if it makes you money or not…

…You jump from opportunity to opportunity before you even allow yourself to get any results.

No wonder you might be struggling.

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