The Best Party in Internet Marketing History?

The other day while scrolling through Yahoo I saw a news story about a kid who threw a birthday party… and no one showed up.

It was really sad to read.

The whole thing went viral after the mom posted about it on Facebook, talking about the struggles she faces every day (the kid has some type of mental disability) and how it’s tough for her to see other kids not want to hang out with her son.

In a slightly depressing, weird way it reminded me of high school Edwin (who wasn’t the most popular guy in the world).

I never wanted to throw a huge party because I didn’t know if anyone would actually show up.

It’s not much different than product launches…

With a product launch, you create the product, write up all the sales copy, make sure everything flows and connects correctly, and put it up with the hope that people will stop by and buy from you.

Just like with a birthday party, you’re expecting for a whole mess of people to show up…

But if no one comes, that has to be one of the worst you feelings you can go through.

You know what’s one of the biggest things that holds people back from launching a product?

They don’t think anyone would actually buy from them… or that they’ll get enough sales to make it worth it.

People you think you need some type of “street cred” or to be popular to get any type of traction…

When in reality, it’s not the truth.

You see…

There’s a “party” happening right now where people are anxiously waiting for you to go too.

It’s already filled with people that want to give you tons of “presents” (aka cash).

You don’t have to worry about inviting them, or recruiting them or anything like that…

All you have to do is bring your hot shiny product over and they’ll come running over to you ready to buy.

And guess what?

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