An Action Plan for SEO. Just Follow This…

I made a video a while back talking about what’s working RIGHT NOW with SEO.

After spending hours researching and asking some of the top SEO experts around, I was able to pin-point what the search algorithm looks for.

Sadly, this bonus video isn’t available anymore. Only select customers have access to it.


I’m not going to leave you empty handed!

Let me give you a sneak-peek of what I shared in the video so you can go out and get more traffic 🙂


Here’s the MOST important thing you have to remember about SEO.

Forget about backlinks… Forget about PBN’s… Forget about “SEO”… at least for right now.

Here’s what the search engines really care about – Providing visitors with a GREAT user-experience.

They want to show search visitors quality shit.

If your content is crappy… or lame… or if it’s spun PLR garbage… you’re not going to get much traction.

– Focus on creating quality content.

– 500 – 600 words, minimum.

– Sprinkle your money keyword a handful of times in a blog post.

– Sprinkle your LSI keywords (this is a fancy name for related keywords) a handful of times in a blog post.

Focus on these little tweaks and you’ll be miles ahead of a regular SEO newbie.

This is the FRAMEWORK that GOOD SEO is based on!

Follow it and profit.

Ignore it and well… don’t say I didn’t warn you.

P.S: This is just the foundation. You have to build on top of it to lock-in those first page rankings.

Getting this part right is hella important too!

My weapon of choice?

This is what’s working right now to rank fast.

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