3 Mistakes That Keep Even Smart Marketers Broke

It’s time.

Lets rattle off the 3 mistakes that keep even smart marketers broke.

After talking to tons of 6 and 7-figure earners, these are the most common things people do again and again.

Here we go…

Mistake #1: Not Building an Email List.

It’s cliche… but it’s true.

“The money is in the list.”

Everyone (and I do mean everyone) who is successful has an email list.

Without a list of engaged subscribers you’ll always be one step behind the competition.

Every person you see crushing affiliate leaderboards and pulling in tons of money has one thing to thank for that…

Their email list!

If you don’t have one, go and make one.

Mistake #2: Forgetting to Generate Traffic.

Think of your business as a tree… if you don’t water it, it will never grow big and strong.

Generating traffic is like watering a tree.

plant photo

The more traffic you send, the more money you will bring in.

You can have the best product in the world, but if no one comes and checks you out, it won’t matter at all.

Moral of the story?

Drive traffic.

Mistake #3: Not Promoting Enough.

It’s funny how many newbies are afraid to sell.

They come into IM hoping to make m.oney, but forget you actually have to sell to make that happen.

Here’s a super valuable lesson… (it took me years of trial and error to learn this)

The more you promote, the happier your subscribers will be.

It’s weird but true…

Don’t get stuck on “providing insane value” and always sending your list free gifts, or reports, or videos.

Yeah, it’s important to do that in the beginning to build the relationship up…

But too much of that only conditions them to expect free stuff from you.

That is no bueno!

Even weirder…

I get way more unsubscribes when I send out a freebie than when I promote a product.

Go figure.


Fix these 3 mistakes and you’re one step closer to becoming a super affiliate.

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